Real Stories D

 My drinking life started 36 years ago at the age of 11 and to be honest I enjoyed being the confident, carefree person that it turned me into. I believe the things that happened at this early time in my life mapped out the journey I seemed to travel on for the next 36 years. Let me explain why I believe this. 

 It was at this age that I witnessed domestic violence for the first time between my parents and when I say seeing my mum covered in blood cowering in the corner of the front room with my dad standing over her with clenched fists had a lasting effect on me is an understatement. This violence went on for 5 years on and off.

 Also at the age of 11 I started high school which led to my first meeting with the neighbourhood bully who was 10 years older than me. He beat me up and terrorised me for the almost 6 years. He took it on himself to take me to a disused railway line one night when I distancing myself from my mums screams. This is where he sexually assaulted me. This still haunts me today. 

 My drinking got worse over the next 20 or so years causing me to lose my family, my daughters, 2 houses, my business and it nearly cost me my life. It caused numerous suicide attempts, put me in prison, on the streets twice and put me into psychiatric wards 5 times. 

 I finally completed a rehab program (6 months) in January 2016 after failing 6 previous programs. But even though I completed the rehab program my future was still non-exsistant and that was a scary thought. 

 That was until I heard about the Mulberry Community Project who after an assessment offered me a place with them. Not only did this ease the worry in my head it also gave me the hope that I had a future. Whilst I have been with Mulberry I am continuing to work on my past demons which stil haunt me. I have all the support I could ever want from every single member of staff as well as from every peer in the project 24 hours a day. 

 I am now a volunteer at Mulberry on the Food Parcels and I am also involved with the Widget Factory (don't ask lol). So in closing I am going to be bluntly honest and say that if it wasn't for Mulberry having faith in my ongoing recovery I would have died before February 2016. Mulberry Community Project not only gave me a future, they gave me my life back. Thank you for reading this, it wasn't easy to write.