Real Life Stories C

I don't believe I'm being overly dramatic when I say that Mulberry does indeed help to save lives of those in recovery from active addiction. I first heard about Mulberry very early on in my treatment at Pierpoint House and my first reaction was that I wouldn't need support after treatment. After three months of actively participating in the treatment programme, the necessity of taking responsibility for my recovery post treatment became paramount and the need for support in doing this I now knew was crucial.


After visiting three supported housing projects, two in Doncaster and Mulberry in Blackpool, I decided on Mulberry for two reasons. Firstly, Blackpool's powerful NA fellowship and because Keith pulled no punches with me when I visited him. You told me Keith about Mulberry's insistence on complete abstinence, the necessity of participation in groups and that my recovery was my responsibility. That Mulberry's support would be unfailing and you are such a likeable guy... and you did indeed keep your word Keith. You helped me in my search for voluntary work. You were always there when I needed to talk and Mulberry's resources were available to me whenever I needed them.


I learned much from my time at Mulberry. I was in very early recovery (and still am) and I was taking baby steps in living life independently. Those baby steps quickly became strides with help from the examples set by yourself, Sue and Maria. Sue, your extensive practical knowledge and experience of recovery was invaluable and I still hold closely in my heart the principals taught to me at Pierpoint House. ("Your baby" as you often referred to the place fondly). I always listened to you intently and I remember our one to one chats with a smile. I remember mostly your passion for carrying a message which I hold dear to this day as I try to carry a message of my own. 


From Maria, your selfless service to others is what stood out for me about you. When you stayed with me all night to help one of my house peers who had sadly relapsed despite having your own family commitments at home taught me much about my own commitment. The time you give to Mulberry is a shining example of why Mulberry is successful in helping others to find their own feet in life and take those steps with faith, courage and conviction.


And I must not forget my Mulberry peers whom I won't name but they know who they are and so do you Keith, Sue and Maria. Five of us came from our respective treatment centres or prisons and entered Mulberry as frightened, vulnerable men not sure of what the future held for us. With Mulberry's help, the five of us now lead productive and responsible lives and have a collective 16 years and seven months clean time. That's a testament to your individual commitments to the Mulberry Community Project and that commitment will go on to serve today's Mulberry peers just as well.