Real Life Stories B

I came to Mulberry in March 2012, I was mentally beaten, jobless, homeless, and angry; I had given up on life. Twenty one years of drug abuse, failed detoxes and running away from my problems had finally taken its toll on me, Mulberry offered me hope that I could change.

Prior to entering Mulberry, I completed a home detox, it wasn’t easy, and they always say they get harder each time. I remember during my detox, sitting on Dixon Road by myself, praying for help. In the past there was always help, but years of letting people down and relapsing pushed those people away. Where were they now?

A friend I had met in recovery knew Keith and Mulberry, he suggested they could help me with rehab and getting my life back on track. I met with Keith and he offered me a place at Mulberry. I felt relieved that someone had faith in me, something I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I was apprehensive when I arrived at Mulberry, my usual stance is to isolate when depressed and nervous, but the people at Mulberry were very welcoming, it was like a family. I remember thinking, “Why are people so willing to help me? What’s in it for them?” This was the way I thought at the time, years of being around selfish people. I came to realise that some people just want to help you, especially people who are recovering addicts.

          There’s a saying “You become what you associate with”. In active addiction I was surrounded by negative people, I became negative. At Mulberry I was surrounded by positive people, people who actual listened to you and gave you positive guidance. That lifted my spirit and this gave me the impetus to make new friends, re-engage with my family and be more positive.

Looking back, I would spend hours listening to Keith’s advice, frustrated not quite knowing how to put it in practice, now I understand what he meant, it comes through practice. Recovery is a step process, sometimes it seems you’re not moving forward (as addicts we are impatient) but over time you’ll notice you have. As long as you stay clean, put into practice was you have learned, your life will get better and better.

My advice to anyone at Mulberry is to embrace the programme, take as much information as you can, put it in your recovery toolbox. Eventually you’ll need these tools to deal with events in life.

I’ve been clean for just over three years, thanks to the people at Mulberry I have my family back in my life, new friends, hope and opportunities that seemed so distant when I was using.