Mulberry Low Dose House It has saved my life “The Mulberry Project”, specifically the low dose house has, without question, saved my life. It offered me a realistic, achievable way of not returning to the vicious cycle of addiction. I was an addict, suffering daily with a failing body and mind. I was committing offences daily, multiple times, to fund my habit which was injecting heroin and crack cocaine together (snowballing). I am 34 years old and was initially put on a 4 week suspended sentence. Then I appeared before magistrates again at which time I was lucky and my solicitor managed to keep me out of prison and got my sentence extended by 14 weeks. I’m now on an 18 week suspended sentence. My rock bottom came in the nick of time… On the 9th February 2019 I collapsed. I luckily had a phone on me to call 999 for an ambulance. I had a spiritual experience prior to phoning, a true, clear and profound feeling telling me “you are going to die. Phone an ambulance” I was coughing up blood regularly and finding it extremely difficult to breathe, let alone walk anywhere. So I did phone 999, even though I was terrified of being left to rattle throughout my stay, and upon arrival at the emergency department I was admitted I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, pulmonary consolidation and septicaemia. It was pretty much at that very moment that I consciously made my decision. I was not going back into the life of drugs. Throughout my stay I worked with horizon community drug team and fulfilling lives. Through my persistence and their help I was granted an intermediary bridge script of 30ml methadone the day I was to be discharged and fulfilling lives got me in for an assessment at the mulberry. They were taking a gamble on me because this isn’t the usual route into the mulberry. However, I was assessed, and the next day got the call to say that I had been accepted into the low dose house! During my stay in hospital I had to miss a court date and my case was adjourned 4 weeks so that I could attend. By the time 4 weeks had passed I was settling into Mulberry and my key worker, who has been a tremendous support and point of contact for me, came with me to court. He was asked to speak on my behalf to confirm some of the details of the project. I was also provided with a report from the project manager which my solicitor presented to the magistrates. Both my key worker and the supporting letter played an enormous part in me being released from custody. The conditions being that I stay at mulberry and give it 100%. This gave me the opportunity that I had been longing for, a way out, a chance to live life again and break the cycle. I have since become stable on my methadone, given clean tests and started to do the impossible of getting structure, routine and happiness back into my life. I’ve been blessed to live in an amazing home which is truly a joy to be in with a great housemate who is like myself, committed, determined and grateful. I truly believe that this opportunity has saved my life. The staff at mulberry and other agencies have all been amazing and with my peers, a true bond is being grown and made stronger each day. Mulberry is the solid foundation upon which my life will be built. Without solid foundations, we cannot build. The low dose house has provided a solid foundation. It is the cornerstone and structural integrity of my recovery. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have been accepted into Mulberry and am blessed to have this opportunity. This person has now been with Mulberry for 3 months and is currently reducing his Methadone and is reducing slowly and safely while still being committed to achieving abstinence. The peer support that he receives from others in the project has been a massive part of his foundation that he is building that will be the strength of his recovery. I can agree with the testimony that without the support he is receiving from his peers, from Mulberry and from Horizon he would have been in prison and still using without a thought of becoming abstinent.